Analytics & Attribution

Data and analytics underpins everything we do at Rapid Media – our campaigns are led by data and backed by results. Leading tech software coupled with our effectiveness and attribution expertise enables multi-channel measurement – in real time.

Our Offering

Rapid Media’s proprietary analytics platform, Informatic Communication Investment (ICI) provides a real-time view of client’s marketing data – from top of funnel brand awareness through to sales and conversion. The platform ingests, cleanses and refines the marketing data to deliver valuable insights into campaign performance and can analyse individual creative asset performance. We’ve worked closely in partnership with the informatics team at Bond University for last the five years to ensure the statistical modelling of our media effectiveness and attribution modelling offerings have been academically validated.

Our Approach

Rapid Media utilises technology solutions to guide campaign planning, in-flight campaign optimisation and measure creative resonance. With analytics and attribution services performed and delivered in-house, key insights are quickly observed and deployed at speed to provide clients with performance insights, adapting campaigns to optimise results.

Our Partners

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