Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) harnesses the behaviour of users to promote a business or product through paid advertising in the search engine results pages. Rapid Media uses data and insights to generate qualified leads and drive conversions, delivering maximum return on advertising spend. As a Google Premier Partner, Rapid Media leverages Google’s network to reach our client’s audiences wherever they are, at exactly the right moment.

Our Offering

Collaborate with our clients to understand customer intent and develop the best push and pull strategy to achieve goals. 

Monitor search trends and patterns to adapt quickly to meet changing demands. Leveraging Google’s machine learning in combination with daily manual optimisations creates the ability to scale quickly.
Customise messaging, landing page, bids and tactics at the most granular level with direct relationship to the searcher’s intent.
As a Google Partner we access campaign betas allowing for innovative strategies. Campaigns are optimised to optimum performance utilising new ad formats and landing page testing along with the analysis of search terms and competitors.
Analytics and reporting share how customers find and explore our clients websites. This information is used to improve customer experience, which can in turn increases sales and conversions.

Our ICI platform ingests data from all sources to report campaign performance, in real time allowing a holistic view of our client’s campaigns.

Our Approach

Rapid Media works collaboratively with clients to develop the best strategy to achieve unique goals. Campaigns are tracked and data is leveraged throughout every campaign, ensuring our clients are one step ahead of their competitors.

Our Partners

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