Market Research

Being associated with one of the world’s largest media and communications groups (WPP), Rapid Media has access to some of Australia’s most comprehensive market research and industry based tools. In collaboration with clients,Rapid Media utilises in-house proprietary analytics and attribution platform, Informatic Communications Investment (ICI) to develop insights into target audiences, categories, competitive clutter, cultural and consumer trends, seasonality and new media technologies.

Our Offering

Rapid Media facilitates market research at all stages of the marketing communications process. From branding, quantitative and qualitative research, through to market awareness and post campaign evaluations – we believe that quality market research is not a ‘one size fits all’ solution. We work with clients to design a bespoke research journey, tailored to their needs.

Our Approach

With services ranging from market research for a defined target audience, sales and data across a category, customer journey mapping, in depth analysis on new cultural trends or deep dives into competitor advertising – we design a solution to suit our client objectives. These market research findings are then utilised in the media planning and buying process delivering a more focused strategy for our client’s media investment.

Our Partners

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