Global Case Study

CTR Improved By +50.99%
CPC Reduced By -40.96%

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Goodyear Dunlop 

In mid 2020, Rapid Media worked with Beaurepaires to implement a communications strategy to advise customers that their local stores would be reopening in a COVID safe environment. This case study focuses specifically on the geo-targeted hyper local social aspect of the plan.

Hyper Local Marketing

Rapid Media set about crafting and implementing a media strategy that was both high reaching and broad in nature, but with a strong element of geo targeted hyper localism that reinforced the Beaurepaires “community” messaging.​

Data Driven Strategy

The use of our proprietary data attribution tool, Informatic Communications Investment (ICI), enabled Rapid Media to monitor and optimise the campaign in real time. Significant improvements in these metrics also contributed to the overwhelming success of the entire campaign. The search CTR was improved by +50.99% and the CPC was reduced by -40.96% over the 6 weeks.​

Key Outcomes

The Hyper Local Social delivered very strong results with an over-delivery of 3.25 times forecast impressions.

Significant month on month improvements across both CTR (+32.50%) and CPC (-15.85%). 

Accurate performance measurement per store through the Rapid Media data attribution tool – ICI – allowed real-time understanding of results, enabling daily adjustments in weighting and emphasis within the campaign period.


“This campaign was innovative, deadly accurate and measurable. The store teams felt the love and delivered great results.”

Tony Kiernan, Senior Manager, Brand Communications & Marketing

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