Social & Digital Advertising

Rapid Media offers the ability for a full omni-channel buy through self-managed and direct IO opportunities to create efficiency and cut through for clients across social and digital channels.
Social & Digital Advertising Agency Melbourne

Our Offering

Content anywhere, anytime, means consumers have a variety of different touch points across devices and channels, understanding this journey allows us to speak with consumers at different stages on their path to purchase with the right messaging, content, and formats.
Ability to buy across all digital channels and experiment in cutting edge opportunities.
Tracking consumer interactions across clients owned media channels.
Creative management and third party reporting, verification and accountability.
Omni-channel, 24-hour report cards allow us to make improvements and changes at the moments that matter.
The backbone of our digital services, a data led approach to media planning and buying, offering clients real-time measurement and attribution solutions.

Our Approach

Self Managed: Create efficiency through omni-channel campaigns, optimised across multiple channels from digital out of home to Facebook.
Direct IO: Build brand awareness and recall through strategically placed, high impact sponsorships and content that speak to a properties audience.

Our Partners

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