Amazon & Disney Take on Unified ID 2.0


By Khayla Broad

November, 2022

Have you heard?
An industry shaking announcement was made recently that affects marketers all over the world.
Two of the largest media companies, Amazon, and Disney, have announced integration with the Trade Desk’s innovative data technology Unified ID 2.0 (UID2).
This announcement marks the moment in time when people began to trust that the open internet can not only help brands and advertisers leverage first-party data but can protect consumer privacy as well.
UID2 a durable, future-proof identifier – making this a possibility as it allows advertisers to implement relevant ad placements and advertisements while ensuring consumers stay in control of their privacy.

Disney and UID2

Disney has made this change in preparation for the launch of an ad-supported tier for its flagship streaming platform Disney+.
This is the ultimate validation for Trade Desk’s UID2 – illustrating that a premium publisher recognises the value as a privacy-safe identifier for media buying and is ready to support the software within Disney’s own ecosystem.
The new partnership between Trade Desk and Disney provides a path for advertisers to leverage their first-party data in biddable environments as the industry faces new disruption caused by the deprecation of third-party cookies.
Integration with UID2 has increased the potential ROI of all future campaigns for advertisers around the world.

Amazon and UID2

Amazon’s integration with UID2 means companies using their cloud-based computing service can match first-party data to help facilitate programmatic ad placement more efficiently through the AWS Marketplace.
By integrating with UID2, Amazon is able to maintain privacy requirements while also still enabling programmatic ad placements – this is done without the need to expose any user data to advertisers. Creating a very competitive, alternative way to collect and store data against a depreciating cookie.

Rapid Media and UID2

By utilising Amazon’s AWS services, advertisers will now be able to push through email IDs via AWS (converted to UID2) for activation on TTD.
On Disney, advertisers can now map their audiences with Disney’s Audience Graph to target users within Disney’s existing properties as a part of one media buy all within The Trade Desk, platforms including ESPN +, ESPN, Nat Geo, and more to come!
To sum up…
These changes will most likely create a ripple effect in the industry, meaning more and more publishers will be integrating into UID2 moving us further into a post-cookie era.
An era where consumer privacy is more secure, and advertisers are able to serve consistently relevant advertisements to their target audience.
In these ever-changing times, it is good to have a team of experts behind your brand ensuring you are up to date on all prevalent industry trends.
Rapid Media’s partnership with Trade Desk allows us to be ahead of the market and create strategy in a proactive instead of reactive way.

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