Four Paw-fect Reasons to add Dogs to the Workplace


By Khayla Broad

May 12, 2022

There is a reason dogs are known as man’s best friend…

Dog friendly workplaces are trending and it’s not just because of how cute the pups are! Recent studies and surveys indicate a multitude of mental and physical health benefits that come from dog friendly workplace policies.

At Rapid Media we have dog friendly Friday’s where every employee, from each office, is encouraged to bring their dogs in.
Rapid’s management team preach the benefits of having dogs in the office and see the PAW-sitive affect it has on employees each week.
We have found that implementing dog friendly days has cultivated new levels of connection, trust, and motivation within our team. This article will highlight some key benefits of having furry colleagues clocked in, based on external sources and our own company experiences.
Encourages Workplace Bonding…
Regular dog friendly days can serve as a great conversation starter between departments. Everyone wants to meet the dogs as they arrive: learn their names, what breed they are, if they’re a good boy etc.
It’s also a great ice breaker for two dog owners when their pups interact, creating a relaxed scenario for workplace bonding.
Boosts Productivity…
On workdays where dogs are clocked-in, businesses have seen an increase in productivity and focus. This can be attributed to an overall decrease in stress and anxiety.
Even when people LOVE their job, they can have a stressful day.
When these negative emotions appear, it can cloud judgement, cause tension, and reduce motivation. Having dogs around tends to alleviate excess stress, helping productivity levels soar.
Tech companies such as Google, Apple and Amazon have had dog friendly policies in place for years. At Amazon alone, there are 2000 dogs brought in regularly for this reason.
Stands out from the crowd…
Dog friendly workplaces are an amazing perk for potential employees. Your company can be listed as dog friendly on recruitment sites such as Seek, which can place you ahead of competitors when searching for new talent.
This perk also cultivates loyalty and strengthens relationships with current, valued employees. A 2019 study completed by the Lincoln University revealed that employees that bring their dogs to work reported a 22% increase in workplace satisfaction levels.
Companies with pet friendly policies are also seen as more relatable, welcoming, and friendly to potential clients and consumers.
Encourages Exercising…
Dogs need to be walked! They also need to be taken outside regularly to use the bathroom. This encourages staff to exercise and get fresh air during the workday, leaving them refreshed and alert.
One-on-one internal meetings can be turned into dog walks. Giving employees the opportunity to get out of the office with a colleague and go over topic points while getting some exercise in.
As a bonus, even small bouts of exercise are known to provide a natural increase of endorphins which works to block negative emotions and boost positive ones.
To sum up…
With added daily exercise, workplace bonding, and absolute joy that comes from having a dog around, there is no mystery as to why dog friendly workdays can help improve overall moral, mental health, and productivity among staff.


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