Maximising Your Brands Social Media Presence


By Amelia Michels

March 31, 2023

3 Social Media trends you can start leveraging today…
Over the past few years we have witnessed waves of change throughout the social media landscape that have affected not only how we consume media but how we invoke action from target audiences.
From the rise of TikTok and the overwhelming success of Influencer Marketing altering the way consumers expect to be communicated with – it is more important then ever to have a team of experts on your side keeping up to date with the latest industry developments and technology.
Take the first step with us today, read on for a deep dive into three Social Media trends your business can start leveraging today.

Trend 1: Building Connections through Online Communities

In the past, it was enough for brands to establish a presence on the major social media platforms and align social media strategies to algorithm shifts. However, there is a noticeable change happening across the social media landscape.
People crave connection and a sense of belonging, and social communities provide an excellent opportunity for brands to deepen their relationships with their audiences.
According to Hubspot, 47% of consumers say they would become loyal to a brand if they were part of a community with like-minded people.
How to implement this trend:

1. Choose the right social media channels

It is important for brands to be talking on the right channel at the right time.
Marketers need to identify the channels where their target audiences are most active and engaged.

2. Personalise relationships

Social media channels allow brands to showcase their personality and build upon relationships with online communities who are wanting to share and learn more about the brands they know and love. This can be achieved through brands creating opportunities for brand advocates to participate in the relevant conversations including contributing ideas for future product development or offering authentic behind-the-scenes footage.

3. Encourage user-generated content (UGC)

Marketers should encourage their online communities / followers to create and share content on their product or service experience. This can be achieved by:

  • Hosting contests
  • Brands asking for feedback
  • Featuring user-generated content

Trend 2: The Rise of Influencers

89% of marketers who currently engage with influencer marketing will increase or maintain their investment next year (Hubspot).

At the heart of the current trends in social media marketing lies a fundamental element – authenticity. To establish genuine connections with their target audience, businesses are leveraging a valuable strategy of appointing long-term “brand ambassadors.” This approach creates a mutually beneficial relationship, enabling the brand to forge enduring connections with their influencer partners and their audience.
Key types of ‘influencers’ to consider:
Content Creators
Often smaller-scale micro-influencers who produce high-quality content and are historically still able to generate a significant impact without charging a high fee.
Large Influencers
Individuals who have a considerable following on social media platforms and are typically more expensive to work with. They have a pre-established platform that can help businesses generate more significant brand exposure.
Virtual influencers
These are artificially generated, fictional social media characters created by companies or individuals with the aim of influencing their audience. Virtual influencers can be used to promote products and services in a way that is unique and innovative, as they offer a different approach to traditional influencer marketing.
How to implement this trend:
1. Watch new influencer trends
We can expect to see an array of new influencer trends emerge. While the concept of utilising influencers for marketing purposes is not new, the methods that brands use are continually evolving.
2. Build your content creator network
If your goal as a marketer is to expand and diversify your brands content portfolio, utilising content creators will help you. Brands should seek out content creators who align with their values and work with them consistently to create engaging and impactful content.
3. Think outside of the box
Artificially generated social media characters often receive higher engagement rates than real people, and their presence in the metaverse provides a unique opportunity for brands to expand their digital reach. Consider collaborating with virtual influencers to create innovative campaigns.

Trend 3: User Generated Content is Trending

Organic content is essentially unpolished, UGC styled content. Historically, this type generates higher levels of engagement than traditional marketing content. Audiences are more likely to engage with content created by what they consider to be authentic and delivered by real people.
How to implement this trend:
1. Use the right tools
Unpolished content doesn’t have to look unprofessional. With the right tools, you can create high-quality videos and photos that still feel raw and authentic.
2. Focus on authenticity
Instead of trying to create a highly produced and polished video, try to capture real moments and experiences. This could include behind-the-scenes footage, customer testimonials, or unscripted interviews with employees. By keeping the content genuine and unfiltered, you can create a stronger connection with your audience.
3. Be consistent
Try to create a regular cadence of unpolished content that your audience can look forward to. This could be a weekly Live, a monthly Q&A session, or a daily Instagram story. By creating a consistent stream of unpolished content, you can keep your audience engaged and build a loyal following.

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