The Future of Digital Out of Home Advertising


By Izzy Banson

December 20, 2022

Have you ever been stopped in your tracks by a giant zombie tiger?
What about witnessing your favourite tv characters battling it out on the street?
Anamorphic Digital Out of Home (ADOOH) advertising makes the impossible possible, bringing to life your brand’s messaging through dynamic optical illusion.
Dating back to the Renaissance, anamorphosis is a visual arts perspective technique that portrays a distorted image of the subject when viewed from a certain vantage point or angle.
In recent years, this concept has been used in digital out of home advertising (DOOH) to create an immersive experience for advertisers to convey brand messaging to consumers.

Deep Dive into the Benefits of Anamorphic Digital Out of Home

ADOOH advertising offers the same benefits that traditional out of home (OOH) advertising can provide including increased reach and brand awareness with additional advantages such as:


  • The anamorphic technique offers an immersive visual experience that stands out from other DOOH advertisements.
  • Demanding the audience’s attention (as the advertisement is quite literally jumping out at you), audience retention is maximised which is essential for brand awareness.
  • This will result in strong brand recall and increase the time that your brand is top of mind for consumers.
  • This directly relates to increased levels of both traditional and digital word-of-mouth advertising (sharing on social media) as consumers won’t believe their eyes and will want to share it with anyone that will listen!

The Drawbacks of Anamorphic Digital Out of Home to Consider

Whilst this form of advertising is both innovative and engaging, there are few drawbacks to this new medium:

  • If not viewed from the correct angle, the creative visuals may not appear as intended to be.
  • This would impact the impression and effectiveness it has on conveying key messaging to the target audience.
  • Another aspect to consider is that the creative strategy needs to be considered carefully to ensure messaging is not lost in the visuals and excitement of the advertisement.
  • There are also some logistical drawbacks such as high creative costs, often proportionately more than the media investment itself and long lead times, usually at least two months.
  • As this technology is still relatively new, there is also limited information regarding ‘how to build’ the creative, resulting in limited templates that media suppliers can provide.

Examples of Anamorphic Digital Out of Home

Even with the high price tag, we have seen some incredible examples of this innovative new OOH medium. Entertainment giants such as Amazon and Netflix have led the charge by utilising anamorphic OOH to showcase upcoming movies and TV Shows and Balenciaga cleverly promoted their latest collection through a collaboration with popular video game, Fortnite.

Amazon Prime

To promote new fantasy series, ‘The Wheel of Time’, Amazon Prime, used ADOOH to showcase an epic battle between main character, Moraine, and commander of the dark army.


Netflix has utilised this form of advertising to promote the launch of the movie, ‘Army of the Dead’ earlier this year with a hyper-realistic zombie tiger featured at key locations such as Piccadilly Circus.

Fortnight X Balenciaga

Fortnite and Balenciaga collaborated on an eye-catching campaign where Fortnite character, Doggo, looks over passers-by, whilst sporting the luxury fashion brand’s clothing.
It is without a doubt that digital advertising will continue to develop and dominate the future of OOH advertising, with the exceptional results it delivers for brands and the continual need to stand out from the crowd. ADOOH advertising provides a unique way for brands to tell their story and leave a resonating mark on consumers. However, do the pros outweigh the cons?

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