Threads: What We Know


By Alana Humphreys

August 1, 2023

The launch of Meta’s newest Twitter rival, Threads, has taken the social media space by storm.

On July 5th, 2023, Meta announced the launch of Threads, a sibling app to Instagram, and has been breaking records ever since. Accomplishing over 100 million global downloads in its first 5 days, the app has taken the title of most rapidly downloaded app ever. Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Meta, explained at the launch of Threads that it has been created to be an extension of Meta’s preexisting and widely loved photos and video sharing platform Instagram. Threads aims to expand on what Instagram does best and transform it into a text format with a large focus on creating a positive and creative space to express your ideas.
As the social media world grows and expands as drastically as introducing a new app, it is imperative to stay up to date and current with these new and evolving platforms. So, what do we know about Threads so far?

User Ease

A large contributing factor to the apps monumental download rate falls upon the ease of use. Meta has simplified the account set up process by only requiring the user to login with their current Instagram account. This in turn allows for Threads to leverage on its 2 billion deep user database and allows for information to be shared across the two platforms. Upon the creation of an account users can select the option to follow the same accounts as they do on Instagram. Accommodating for the fact that the app is so new, Meta has included a feature that means any account you follow on Instagram that is yet to create their Threads account will automatically be marked as ‘pending’ until they decide to join.
This feature is highly appealing to accounts that possess large followings such as business accounts, as this means that their current audience will automatically transfer directly across to the new platform. Therefore, eliminating the worry of losing or having to rebuild their social community and encouraging immediate use and collaboration.
Overall, the app itself is very straightforward and simple to use. As being brand new to the market many features that are present on Instagram and Facebook such as explore pages and direct messaging options are not yet available. In a positive light this allows for users to become very familiar with the basic use of the app from posting threads, engaging with others and starting to create an authentic presence.

Algorithm and Reach

Due to its Meta owners, there are many similarities in programming and format to those of Facebook and Instagram, the biggest and most controversial at current being the focus on the introduction and use of ‘Algorithm’. Currently a Threads users feed or home page is compiled of an array of posts from accounts they follow and accounts they do not. The algorithm creates a feed based on what type of content it predicts the user will want to see and most likely to engage with, like TikTok. This feature is very beneficial for accounts such as businesses or influencers who rely on new people discovering their content. This ‘suggestion’ of posting increases the reach and number of impressions on the public.
Alike it’s direct competitor Twitter, users can comment and ‘repost’ thread conversations being held that will show up direct to their profile. If the user creates a thread or decides to ‘repost’ a thread then that entire thread, including the original account it was posted from, will show on the user’s profile under ‘Threads’. If the user only comments or replies, then this comment along with the original post will show up on their profile under ‘Replies’. This feature encourages their followers to engage with the same content who they are and in turn increases the reach and awareness for accounts that the followers may not be following.
After the initial launch of the Treads app many users were finding issues and areas for improvement with one of the biggest features being no option to only view what the accounts you are following are posting. As of the 26th July the “Following” and “For You” feeds were introduced pleasing a large portion of users. The “Following” feed provides an area in which only content posted by the accounts you follow are displayed and in chronological order where as the “For You” feed with give a mix of posts from accounts you follow and recommended accounts. This promptness and sense of urgency from Zuckerberg and the Meta team to correct and update the app will only provide positive rapport with users as they feel ‘heard’ by the company and will encourage them to continue using the platform on going.

Current Trends

After playing around on the platform for the last few days and investigating the current style of content being posted it can be noticed that the platform is much more directed towards building a community and/or starting conversation with people who express similar interests.
Business accounts that have already started to incorporate Threads into their digital presence have taken a much more personable approach, jumping on current trends, connecting with other likeminded companies, communicating with competition in a humorous manner and even businesses who have no connection whatsoever. The platform stands as the perfect location not only for light-hearted business to business communication but also for business to consumer interaction to which many large global scale companies such as Netflix, Adidas and Ford have already adopted. This strategy can be noticed to be receiving large amounts of positive rapport with users and encouraging more conversations to be held that centre around the company.
Cracking jokes and getting involved with what is happening culturally in real time is the perfect way to engage effectively with your consumers and build genuine relationship with your target audiences.

To sum it up…

Threads has an exciting and highly anticipated future ahead with many updates and additional features encouraged to be introduced. For now, the buzz the app provides ample opportunities for businesses to stay ahead of their competitive field and at the forefront of their consumers minds. Learn more on how your business can leverage the forever changing digital landscape. Contact us today!